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Egg & Flour Pasta Bar

“I’m committed to taking pasta experience and cuisine to the next level. I want Egg & Flour to be recognized for impeccable food, hand made pasta, and of course, a memorable experience. I’ve already put my heart into this project…now I’m ready to put my soul into pasta.” – Chef & Owner, Adam Pawlak

With Italian heritage and cuisine as a part of daily life, Chef Pawlak brings passion to every dish at Egg & Flour. Diners should expect to taste that passion in every bite; every ingredient locally sourced, pasta created by hand with traditional tools and sauces prepared not only by perfected recipes, but, by taste.

Welcome to your new relationship with pasta.

Owners: Adam Pawlak, Alex Anderson, Tony Goff and Randy Rhoades

Scratch Scoop Shop

“As a team we make all our ice cream and most of our ice cream inclusions from Scratch. We pack hundreds of pints and gallons everyday on our small batch freezer, making only 3 gallons of ice cream per batch. Our small batch process along with our premium ingredients and Wisconsin Dairy make our ice cream the best around! “

This gourmet ice cream team has one mission: “To create the best ice cream ever.” To fulfill that mission, they stick to their guiding principles by only producing ice cream in small, hand-crafted batches, using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. Stop by to get the inside scoop.

Owners: Ryan Povlick & Dustin Garley

Triciclo Peru Express

Triciclo Peru was started by Amy Narr and Mario Diaz, because of their strong desire to share one of the most important pieces of Peruvian culture: the food. Triciclo Peru is a tribute to the working class, specifically to those that work in the streets of Peru. Those people that have extraordinary strength, waking up before dawn and peddling or pushing their tricycle across the city selling goods; using their creativity to support their family.The mission of Triciclo Peru is to be a noble ambassador of Peru, a country where food means love.

Owner: Amy Narr, Mario Diaz


Ruta’s culinary career began in the San Francisco Bay area, where she perfected her fresh, modern take on traditional Indian cuisine. Coming to Milwaukee after years running her own cafes and restaurants in Goa, India, Ruta brings Ayurvedic principles to her vibrant Indian cafe with light, healthy, flavorful and wholesome dishes. With regional Curry Bowls, delicious Nanwitches (grilled sandwiches on Naan bread) signature drinks like the housemade Immunitea and cool Lassis, and baked goods with an Indian twist, Ruta’s is Indian cuisine like you’ve never experienced before.

Owners: Ruta Kahate and Neville DeSouza

Dia Bom

Dia Bom combines modern Latin American cuisine with Japanese kushiyaki and Chinese bao preparations. Kushiyaki refers to the practice of skewering and grilling foods, while bao uses plain steamed bread-like dumplings to hold a variety of savory or sweet fillings. Dia Bom brings these traditions to life in exciting and surprising dishes. For Chef Ramses Alvarez, it's all about bringing his passion to every bite, playing with new combinations of flavor and technique, and having fun. After all, food is more fun when it's on a skewer.

Owner: Ramses Alvarez

The Pharmacy

A nod to history, The Pharmacy pays homage to our building’s past life as Oriental Drugs. Then, as now, it was a place for neighborhood connection with bustling energy and a busy (actual) pharmacy. Today, our skilled bartenders serve up delicious elixirs to cure all life’s woes. From coffee to beer, wine, cocktails and mocktails, The Pharmacy is THE place to grab a beverage that pairs perfectly with your food hall favorites.

Hot Wax

Inspired by the culture of record stores, art, and creative exploration, Hot Wax brings a fun, interactive experience to Crossroads Collective. Focused on bringing people together through good food, the concept applies high-end culinary techniques to casual fare like Nashville hot chicken, smash burgers, sandwiches, and more. In the same way that a new record can broaden its listener’s horizons and introduce new sounds and instruments, the dishes at Hot Wax are familiar enough to approach without hesitation, but with a hint of novelty.

The Counter Day Bar

The Counter Day Bar, a fully non-alcoholic cocktail bar, aims to rid the world of the term mocktail and guide non-alocholic cocktails to their rightful place at the cocktail table. You can reserve one of their four available bar stools for an intiminate, tasting menu experience or order a la carte from their menu from anywhere inside the hall.

The Counter Day Bar's mission is to provide a place for anyone and everyone to gather and feel seen, heard and taken care of, regardless of whether they choose to consume alcohol. They are open daily from 3pm - 9pm.



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